Adam Tyler-Moore - Labour, Spelthorne

Apr 12, 10 02:10 PM

Adam Tyler-Moore said he was motivated to stand as a parliamentary candidate following David Wilshire's expenses scandal.

He has said he wants to end sleaze in the borough, will donate 50% of his MP salary to Spelthorne community projects, and will not claim for expenses on a second home or on trips to Westminster.

The solicitor, who has worked with disadvantage inner-city teenagers, given public speaking workshops, and has volunteered for the Citizens Advice Bureau, has also said he will not take a second job, will publish receipts each month, and will move to and live in the borough.

He believes that Stanwell and Stanwell Moor have been left behind due to the Conservative run Spelthorne Council.

His plans for the villages include launching a youth club, cutting down on fly-tipping so the areas are more attractive, and 'taking on A2 Dominion regarding poor services, rising rents, and unnaceptable repair times for tenants.'

He is against London Irish's plans for a new ground in Sunbury, claiming that the few open areas in the borough need to be left open for public use.

He will fight car parking proposals for Laleham and Shepperton, and create a private members bill to cap or reduce business rates so smaller business remain open.

He said: "Surrey County Council, Spelthorne Council, and Spelthorne's MP have all been Conservative for nearly 60 years. I want to make sure there is active opposition in the borough, because at present there is nobody to oppose cuts and increased costs. I want to be a diligent MP who listens to people's concerns and follows up on urgent issues."

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